Residential Life

At National academy, it is our earnest endeavor to make our students stay in the boarding house ‘a home away from home, where they are provided not only with a warm and homely ambiance but also with opportunities to enhance creativity and learning.

The school maintains a happy and healthy environment in the boarding houses by creating a balance between academic discipline and relaxation.

Each boarding house is assigned to boarding house parents assisted by dorm-nurses, who provide parental care and guidance to our students, while also teaching them how to be responsible and adapt to the community. Hygiene practices and etiquette are taught, and personal grooming is taken care of by the boarding house parents and dorm nurses. Our teachers, counselors, and coordinators also pay daily visits to the boarding houses to ensure the well-being of our students.

The boarding houses are regularly fumigated, and kept clean and tidy at all times. The toilets are provided with the best of sanitary ware, and all measures are taken to maintain the best standards of health and hygiene.